In the event of a draw, the map winner market will be settled based on the replayed map. If the map is not replayed, then the map winner bets will be voided.

Surrender or Forfeit

If a map has started and is won due to a team surrendering, forfeiting, or due to admin decision, the map will be deemed as completed and Map Winner bets will be settled using the official result. Match Winner and Match Handicap bets will be graded as usual. Note that a team surrenders, forfeits, or is awarded a map by admin decision before the map starts, then the standard Walkover / Admin Decision rule will apply.

Round Handicap bets will be graded based on the round score at the time of the surrender / forfeit - we call this the final round score. If the surrender / forfeit occurs in the middle of a round, that round will be awarded to the team who did not surrender when determining the final round score. If, based on the final round score, the round handicap bet has a determined result at this point in the map (based on standard play), then these bets will be settled according to that final round score. If the result of the round handicap bet is not 100% determined at the point of surrender / forfeit, then these bets will be void and have no action.

The only exception is that if an entire team is not present for the start of the round, and no team member rejoins the game for the remainder of the map, then these rounds will not be considered when determining settlement of the round handicap bets. If some player from the team does rejoin the map before the completion of the map, those rounds will count as usual.

Warzone Mode - Special Rules

  • In the event that a player/team disconnect from a given game, bets will still stand

  • Any rulings made by the administration of the tournament are final and settlement will be based on these rulings where necessary

  • In cases where a team is listed by a team captian, ie Team HusKerrs, then in the case where this team captain is replaced, any outright winner or series winner bets involving that team will be void. Bets will not be void if a secondary player on the team is replaced.

  • In cases where a team is listed by all the team members, ie Team Vikkstar / ItsWarZ, if a named player is replaced on any team, any outright winner bets on that team will be void, and the new team will be offered on request. Any series / match winner bets on series involving this team will be void.

  • Outright markets may be listed before all teams are known. All bets will still stand if an unlisted team wins the outright. Unlisted teams will be added before the tournament begins, time permitting.

  • Any To Advance Furthest will be settled using final overall placing in the bracket. If both teams are eliminated during a 'leaderboard' stage, the team with the highest total points in that stage will be settled as the winner. If both teams are eliminated from the bracket at the same stage (ie Loser Bracket Semi Finals), then the team with highest total points in that stage of the bracket will be used to determine the winner (if stage points are tied - we settle as a push).

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