Esport Specific Rules

Please be aware that any bets on our platform are subject to the applicable Esport Specific Rules, if any. If there is any conflict between the Esport Specific Rules and these General Betting Rules, the Esport Specific Rules shall prevail.

Start Times and Postponements

Start dates and times are an indication only and are not guaranteed to be correct. Wagers will stand if a match is offered with an incorrect date and/or time. If a match is suspended or postponed, and is not resumed within 48 hours from the scheduled start time, wagers on the series will have no action and will be refunded. However, if any map is played within 48 hours from the scheduled start time, wagers on that map will be settled as usual.

The above rule only applies to series markets - not outright markets. If a tournament schedule is postponed by more than 30 days, any outright bets on that tournament will be void. Any short term postponements will not result in voids - all existing action on outright markets will stand.

Early Start

If a match is played before the scheduled start date/time, or Midnite's listed start time, any bet placed after the actual starting time on a market that is not offered in play will be void. Any bets placed before the actual starting time will stand.

Unplayed Maps

Any bets on maps that do not get played due to the series outcome being already determined will be void and refunded. For example, in a Best of 3, if one team wins 2-0, then any bets on Map 3 will be refunded.


If the name of a team or player is spelled incorrectly, or if referred to by a previously used name, all wagers will stand provided the intention is clear. If any wager is unclear then it will have no action and will be refunded. If a player plays with a different nickname or on a 'smurf account', the result is still valid.

Roster Change

Players are considered a 'stand in' when they are not officially part of an organisation playing roster - coaches for a team are considered stand ins.

In the case that 3 or more stand ins are played for a single team in a match, all bets on that series will be voided. Bets are only voided if 3 or more stand ins play for one team. For example, if two stand ins play for each team, no bets on the series will be voided. Matches played with 1 or 2 standings per team will be considered fair and all bets will be graded as usual.

Players who are part of a 6+ man rotation roster are not considered stand ins, even if they are subbed in and out between maps. Examples of secondary players on 6 man rosters are Nivera on Vitality, and Bubzkji on Astralis.

Example of 3+ stand in void:

Example of fair stand in:

Example of 6 man playing roster:


All wagers will be settled using the official result as declared by the relevant governing body of the competition concerned. In the case of streaming, the result will be settled by the stream VOD (video on demand) or stream screenshots. For relevant bets, the official scoreboard, broadcast, or game API will be used to determine settlement.

Draws and Extra Time

If there is no option for the game to end with a draw, then any extra time played will count toward the bet result. If there is a draw option offered, then settlement will be based on regulation time only.

Withdraw from Event

Should a player / team withdraw before a tournament begins, any outright bets for that player/team to win or advance in the tournament will have no action and will be refunded.

Format Change or Error

If the announced number of maps is changed, or if the match is offered with an incorrect series format, all wagers based on the series format (dependent upon the number of maps played, ie Match Handicap, Correct Score) will have no action. Bets on the Match Winner market will stand and have action. Specific map bets (including Map Winner) have action as long as the map is played.

Score Advantage

Map 1 markets are intended to represent the first ‘point’ of the series. As such, in a series where one team / player has a one point advantage, we do not intend for Map 1 markets to be offered - the first point of the series is already decided. If Map 1 markets are unintentionally offered in a series with a one point advantage, these markets will be voided. Map 2 markets will correspond to the first map to be played, and will be graded accordingly. Map 3 markets will correspond to the second map played, and so on.

Walkover / Default Win

If a player or team receives a walkover or default win by admin decision on a map before it starts, then all wagers on that map will have no action and be refunded. This includes the case where a team forfeits prior to the start of the map. If this map was not awarded as a score advantage in a series, then all wagers on the series outcome (ie Match Winner, Match Handicap, etc) will have no action and be refunded.

A map is deemed to have started as soon as the game clock starts, or, either team or player takes a game action relating to that map, including picks, bans or makes purchases of any kind in the game.

Surrender or Forfeit

If a map has started, and is won due to a team surrendering, forfeiting, or due to an admin decision, the map will be deemed as completed and all bets that can be determined will stand. Any bets that do not have a definitive result will be void and refunded.

A map is deemed to have started as soon as the game clock starts or either team or player takes a game action relating to that map, including picks, bans or makes purchases of any kind in the game.

If the map had not yet started at the time when the team forfeits, then the Walkover / Default Win rule applies.

Note that some esports have specific Surrender or Forfeit rules - please see the Esport Specific Betting Rules for details.

Missing Player

If a 5v5 team match starts with less than 10 players, or if a 6v6 team match starts with less than 12 players, all bets on the map and series result will have no action and be refunded.


If a map is replayed due to a technical difficulty, or any other reason, we will process wagers that depend on this map as follows:

Wagers placed in play, during the original map: If the wager's outcome has been determined prior to the incident causing a replay, then these wagers will stand. Any wager whose outcome had not yet been determined as of the time of the incident will have no action and will be refunded.

Example: While in play, you place a first 10 kills bet, and a map winner bet. Your team wins the first 10 kills, but shortly thereafter, the map has to be replayed due to a technical glitch. Your first 10 kills bet will stand, but the map winner bet will be refunded.

Wagers placed before the start of the original map: Any wagers that depend on the results of this map will be settled based on the replayed map.

Head-to-Head (H2H) Markets and Player Prop Bets

When players are listed, every player must start at least one map for the event in question for the bets to be settled based on the final results - otherwise bets will have no action and be refunded.

For a series or match bet, this means every listed player must start in at least one map of the series (otherwise, bets will be voided). For a tournament bet, all players listed in the bet selected must start in at least one map of the tournament (otherwise, bets will be voided).

Player DQs (disqualification), technical issues, substitutions, etc. will not be cause for these markets being voided or refunded. If any map is replayed, the results from the replayed map will be used for settlement purposes.


Kills Total, Kills Handicap, Most Kills, and First to X Kills bets will be graded according to the in-game scoreboard.

First Blood

This will be settled based on the in-game ‘First Blood’ announcement.

Structure Markets

For settlement purposes, all buildings destroyed count as being destroyed by the opposing team, regardless of who had the last hit on the structure (including minions / creeps).


If one or more legs of the multiple bet are either a push, cancellation, no action, or void, the accumulator payout will be recalculated based on the remaining legs that have action.


Any time based bets are settled based on the in-game clock.

Race To / First To Bets

For any 'Race To' bet, if there is no selection offered for 'Neither', then in the case where neither team accomplishes the set out condition the bet will be settled as a push and all wagers will be refunded. For example, in a 'First to 20 Kills' market with no 'Neither' selection, if neither team gets 20 kills, all wagers will consequently be refunded.

Cheating / Unfair Play

In the case where a team is disqualified or forced to forfeit by admin decision due to cheating or unfair play (intentional or otherwise), any bets on the affected map will be declared void. Additionally, if this map is part of a series, then any bets on the series result will also be void (Match Winner, Match Handicap, Correct Score, etc).

Time Limit: Note that if cheating is determined to have occurred by the competition admins after the series has completed, then Midnite will void any bets on any series that have taken place with the cheating team, within the competition in question, within the past 24 hours. Any series played earlier than that will not be resettled.

Match Fixing

Match fixing creates an unfair betting environment as the results are coordinated and possibly already known. It is against the spirit of competition, and hurts the esports community as a whole. In the rare circumstance that we suspect that a team is engaged in match fixing, Midnite reserves the right to cancel and refund all wagers on the suspected map and / or series. By voiding bets in the rare cases where match fixing is highly suspected, we make it difficult for anyone involved in match fixing to take advantage of our platform, and we protect users who were unintentionally betting on fixed outcomes.

Time Limit: Note that we will only investigate Match Fixing allegations for series completed within the past 24hrs. Any series played earlier than that will not be resettled.

Event Participants Barred from Betting

If you are at all involved (player, owner, manager, employee, etc) in a Franchised League, you are not able to place, or attempt to place, bets on any games, matches or tournaments (or any components thereof) involving the Franchise. Any such bets will be voided, and repeated betting on an event that you are involved with can result in your Midnite account being restricted or terminated.

For example, if you play in Challengers Call of Duty, you should not attempt to place any bets on the Call of Duty League.


Users are not entitled to the Cashout feature and Midnite is free to turn off Cashout on any account at any time. Whether the Cashout feature not being available is intentional or not (e.g. site maintenance, bet grading errors), in any case, users will not be able to claim any compensation from not being able to Cashout their bet.

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