For the purposes of any totals or handicap bets involving the number of inhibitors destroyed, each inhibitor only counts once, even if it respawns and is destroyed a second time.


In the rare instance where a team surrenders, we will settle any bets involving towers or inhibitors as if the winning team had destroyed the minimum number of additional towers and / or inhibitors theoretically required to win the game normally from the position when the surrender occurred (with priority given to an inhibitor that has already been destroyed if such an inhibitor exists and has respawned).

For example, if any inhibitor of the losing team is already destroyed at the time of surrender, then no additional inhibitor is deemed to have been destroyed.

If the winning team has destroyed all tier 1 towers and one tier 2 tower, then it will be deemed to have destroyed three additional towers (for 7 in total), since it would have needed to destroy at least one tier 3 tower and the two nexus towers to win the game normally from that position.

Total Dragons / Second Dragon, etc

Both elemental drakes and elder drakes will count for these bets. We may use the terminology Dragon and Drake interchangeably.

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