Team Kills

For bets involving markets: Team to Score a Knife Kill, Team to Score Next Kill, Team to Score a Kill with High Explosive Grenade and Team to Score a Kill with Molotov/Incendiary Grenade, only kills against the enemy team will count. That means if a player is killed by a teammate, it will not count as a win in any of the mentioned objective markets.

Surrender or Forfeit

If a map has started and is won due to a team surrendering, forfeiting, or due to admin decision, the map will be deemed as completed and Map Winner bets will be settled using the official result. Match Winner and Match Handicap bets will be graded as usual. Note that a team surrenders, forfeits, or is awarded a map by admin decision before the map starts, then the standard Walkover / Admin Decision rule will apply.

Round Handicap bets will be graded based on the round score at the time of the surrender / forfeit - we call this the final round score. If the surrender / forfeit occurs in the middle of a round, that round will be awarded to the team who did not surrender when determining the final round score. If, based on the final round score, the round handicap bet has a determined result at this point in the map (based on standard play), then these bets will be settled according to that final round score. If the result of the round handicap bet is not 100% determined at the point of surrender / forfeit, then these bets will be void and have no action.

The only exception is that if an entire team is not present for the start of the round, and no team member rejoins the game for the remainder of the map, then these rounds will not be considered when determining settlement of the round handicap bets. If some player from the team does rejoin the map before the completion of the map, those rounds will count as usual.

Example: Consider a map played between Team A and Team B, with Team A currently leading 13-5. Unfortunately, the entire Team A disconnects due to connectivity issues in the middle of the 19th round. The tournament organizers allow the round to complete (Team B wins it, round score is now 13-6) but then pause the map. Team A is unable to reconnect, and the tournament organizers decide to force Team A to forfeit the map.

We will grade Team B as the winner of any Map Winner bets on this map. Match Winner and Match Handicap bets will be graded with Team B winning this map**.

In this case, the final round score will be 13-6 for the purposes of settlement of Round Handicap bets.

A +4.5 Round Handicap bet on Team A will be graded as a win - during normal play, there is no final score that could be achieved such that this bet would not normally be graded as a win. However, a +3.5 Round Handicap bet on Team A would be void - as in normal play, there is a possibility that Team B makes a comeback to 15-15, forcing overtime, and then Team B goes on to win 19-15, in which case this handicap bet would lose.

** Note that if there are subsequent maps that would regularly needed to be played, and Team A cannot rejoin to play, forcing them to forfeit the subsequent maps, then the Walkover / Admin Decision rule applies. The Match Winner and Match Handicap bets will be voided as a result.

Race To

For bets on the following markets: Race to 3 rounds, Race to 6 rounds, Race to 9 rounds, Race to 12 rounds. Please allow up to 2 hours for settlement.

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