To Win Fight Markets

Note that these markets are settled as Draw No Bet - if the fight ends in a draw, all bets will be refunded.

Exhibition Fights

Note that for exhibition fights where there are no judges / decisions - we will only settle the To Win Fight market based on a technical stoppage / KO. If the fight goes the distance, it will be deemed a draw, and all bets will be refunded.


Settlements on boxing markets will be completed within 24 hours of fight completition, the delay is due to the start time of these events.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Prop Markets

Note that this is an exhibition fight and will be governed by the Exhibition Fights rule above. We are offering some Prop markets for this event, these will be settled based on the assessment of the Trading Team, and we will use the following rules in determining settlement.

Jake Paul to enter the ring

  • This will be settled as Yes if Jake Paul enters the ring at any point during the broadcast (including before or after the fight). He must be inside the ropes of the ring - standing on the canvas outside of the ropes is not sufficient for a Yes settlement. Settled as No otherwise.

Fight to be stopped in the 1st Round

  • This will be settled as Yes if the fight is stopped at any point before the start of the second round. Settled as No otherwise.

Will Floyd Mayweather call out Jake Paul for boxing match in post fight interview

  • This will be settled as a Yes if, after the fight has concluded, Mayweather suggests a boxing match with Jake Paul, either directly or indirectly. If Mayweather is challenged by Jake Paul to a boxing match, or if an interviewer asks if he would want to fight Jake Paul, Mayweather must respond in the affirmative for this market to settle as a Yes. Settled as No otherwise.

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