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Cash Out Terms & Conditions
Cash Out Terms & Conditions
Written by Nicholas Wright
Updated over a week ago

Cash Out gives you the ability to close out your active bet before the outcome is decided. This allows you to secure part of your winnings, or cut your losses, as the odds change in or against your favour.

On selected games, Cash Out is available for pre-game, live, outright and multiple bets. It can be for more or less than your original wagered amount, depending on how events unfold following your bet placement.

Please note that should any unforeseen, technical difficulties occur, Cash Out may not be available at all times. Midnite will not be held responsible if these services are not available for technical reasons, or for any other reason which is beyond our control. Bets placed will stand regardless of the availability of Cash Out services.

We strongly advise that customers do not place bets solely for the purposes of cashing out - unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this service will always be available.

Cash Out Terms & Conditions

  • Cash Out is available only on selected markets and esports.

  • Cash Out values will not include the stake part of a free bet.

  • Cash Out returns in bets that involve Free Bets do not include the Free Bet stake.

  • Midnite standard bet acceptance and settlement rules apply. We reserve the right to correct obvious errors and settle bets at the correct odds, including in the unlikely instance that a Cash Out value has been incorrectly offered.

  • Where there is evidence that a customer has taken advantage of any latency in Midnite's odds offering, we reserve the right to indefinitely suspend the account and prevent the customer from using the facility in the future.

  • Where there is evidence of price, race, match or event rigging, we reserve the right to make bets void or withhold payment of winnings pending the outcome of any subsequent inquiry.

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