A common type of bet within esports is a Race To bet. These bets are based on both teams racing to first accomplish some objective. For example, the 'First to 10 Kills' bet that you might find on a Dota 2 or League of Legends series is a Race To bet as both teams are racing to reach ten kills first.

These bets could be placed pre-match, or in play. If placed in play, it is still a race to whatever condition is specified - if one team has a head start, this should be reflected in the odds. For example, if one team is up 6-2 on the kill score, they will certainly be the favourite for the 'First to 10 Kills' bet. 

'Neither' Selection

Some bookmakers may offer a 'Neither' selection for these Race To bets. This selection would win when neither team satisfies the objective before the game ends. You could imagine this may happen on a 'First to 20 Kills' bet for League of Legends. 

At Midnite, we generally do not offer a 'Neither' option, as most bettors are not interested in betting on this. Instead, if neither team satisfies the objective before the game ends, then all wagers are graded as a push and refunded. 

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