Multiples bets, also known as accumulators or parlays, are a type of bet that allows the bettor to leverage their stake across multiple selections. A bettor can select outcomes for multiple bets, called legs, and combine them into a single multiples bet.

The multiples bet will only win if you pick every leg outcome correctly - otherwise the entire bet loses. The appeal of the multiples bet is that you can get a high payout, because the total odds are determined by multiplying together the odds of each leg. There is only one stake for the multiples bet (not separate stakes per leg).

Let take a look at an example to see how it works.
Here we have a 3 leg multiples bet, where each leg is a Match Winner bet on various League of Legends series.

We've selected three strong favourites to win their respective series. By combining three favourites into one multiples bets, we're able to get more attractive odds than on betting on any one of these legs individually. We can see that the odds have multiplied together to give us total odds of 2.50 - a potential payout of $25.01 on a $10 bet.

You can combine up to ten legs in a multiples bet. But, be aware that as you add more legs, the likelihood of getting every single outcome correct drops.

Note that there is no need for all legs to be from the same esport. The only condition is that no two legs can be correlated - meaning that we do not allow any dependence between the legs. This basically means that you can't combine two bets from the same map, and you can't combine a map bet with its own series bet.

For example, in a Best of 3 series, you can't combine a Match Winner bet with a Map 1 bet. Nor could you combine a Map 1 Winner bet with a Map 1 Handicap bet. But, you could combine a Map 1 bet with a Map 2 bet.

Our website will automatically reject your multiples bet if there are correlated legs, and you will get an error message. You will have to remove the correlated legs to successfully place the multiples bet.

Cancelled Leg

If one of the legs of your multiples bet gets pushed due to a draw, cancelled, or otherwise voided, then it will be removed from your multiples bet and the potential payout will be recalculated using the remaining legs. The payout is calculated as usual - the odds of the remaining legs are multiplied together.

In our example above, if the Afreeca Freecs v Jin Air game gets cancelled, the total multiples bet odds would become 1.65 ( = 1.09 * 1.51 ).

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