Basic Usage Rules

  • It is understood that the customer in control of the Midnite CashMode account must be the exact same (and only) person that is controlling both the linked account as well as the game title.

  • The customer must be of the (locally legislated) minimum required age or older and have both a valid Midnite and linked accounts.

  • Customers are strictly prohibited from colluding in a dishonest way with other customers. Any such behaviour can result in restrictions or a suspension from CashMode.

  • Any unfair exploitations used to gain an advantage in the game through external software or otherwise is strictly prohibited and can also result in restrictions or suspension. Midnite reserves the right to void challenges and remove any paid out winnings in instances where the user is strongly suspected of cheating.

  • The prizes offered for completing a challenge are subject to change based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the customer’s skill level.

  • Challenges are settled based on data received from the game developer and prizes will be paid out as promptly as possible once the data is made available.

  • Once a user plays for real money, the Steam/ linked with his/her Midnite account will remain linked, and we will be unable to disconnect.

Customers are expected to follow the above basic usage rules. Failure to do so can result in your challenge being voided and/or the possible suspension of your account.

We require that your linked game profile remains public while using CashMode.

Supported Maps and Game Modes

You must play your game on Verdansk (not Rebirth Island) otherwise your challenge will be void. Matchmaking in solo, duos, trios, and quads game modes are all supported.

It also must be the standard Battle Royale game mode in order for challenges to settle correctly, Limited time modes do not count & stats in those games will not be used for settlement purposes.

Match Start Time

The match is considered to have started when you enter the pre-game lobby NOT once you jump from the plane. If you leave the pre-game lobby/warmup, your entry fee will be forfeited and your challenge will be lost.

Match Duration

In order for your challenge to be eligible for the prize, your game must be completed within 2 hours of selecting your entry fee and entering the challenge.

If you fail to complete your game within the timeframe, the challenge will be voided and you will be refunded your entry fee. That means that even if you accept a challenge to finish Top 10, for example, and you finish 8th around the 2 hour mark, yet the overall winner of the game isn’t determined until after the 2 hour mark, your challenge will not be settled a winner and your entry fee will be refunded.

Sudden Void

In the event that you enter a challenge and it gets voided relatively quickly, there's a good chance your profile data is not accessible. For Warzone, this means your profile is not set to public (it can sometimes be switched back to private after an update). For CSGO and Dota, it can mean your share token is no longer valid. Please see the Help Section if you need a reminder on how to set your account up. If you still have questions, please reach out to Customer Support.

Technical Difficulties and Cheating

Any technical difficulties or errors that may arise due to hardware/software failures, hacks, cheating, network connections, etc. that have an affect on either the game play or the outcome of the game will not be considered once the match has started.

If you come across a cheater and are subsequently unfairly killed by them while trying to complete a challenge and have clear evidence such as a recording or stream highlight of the incident, then please include it in an email to along with a link to the challenge (by clicking the last challenge in your account history and then copying the URL) as well as your account username or email and we'll take a look, If we review your evidence and agree that a cheater was playing and caused you to lose the challenge unfairly, then we'll refund your entry cost.

It can take up to 4 working days to review your claim & refund your entry once submitted, Each claim is reviewed on a case by case basis and Midnite’s decision on each case is final.

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