Midnite is pleased to announce that we are offering a Bounty Program for spotting critical bugs and mispricings within our platform! This should help to improve the transparency, security, and quality of odds offered by Midnite.

As many experienced bettors know, sportsbooks will occasionally make errors in posting odds. While Midnite makes every effort to provide accurate pricing, from time to time there will be mistakes, especially as we are just getting started. Most sportsbooks will cancel any bets placed on odds that they consider to be erroneous. We know that this is a frustrating experience as a bettor, and for this reason, we introduce our new Bug Bounty Program.

Similarly, as Midnite grows and continues to roll out new features, there will occasionally be bugs unintentionally introduced to our system. If you detect and report a bug that is considered to be critical to Midnite's operations, you could qualify for a bug bounty reward.

Error in Odds

If you identify odds that are significantly out of line with other major sportsbooks, then you can alert us to this issue and potentially qualify for a reward. It is our at our trading team's discretion to determine whether or not there is a legitimate pricing issue. If we agree with your assessment and decide to change our market offering as a result - either a price adjustment or a full market suspension - you will qualify for a reward.

Note that we only reward one bounty per esport competition / event - if there are several series from the same competition all having the same bug, the reporting user would only qualify for one bounty. Note that any bets placed on the lines with a pricing error will be cancelled in accordance with Section 12 of our Terms and Conditions.  

Critical Bug

If you discover a bug critical to the way that our platform operates, you can qualify for a bug bounty. Whether or not a bug is considered critical will be at the discretion of Midnite's development team.

For your reference, the following list of bugs would be considered critical, and would qualify for a reward:

  • Any bug that allows a user to modify their balance, bet result, or bet odds outside of standard use

  • Any bug that allows a user to access the account or private account information of another user through our platform

An example of a bug that we would not consider critical would be receiving uninformative error messages, being declined for a deposit or withdrawal, etc. Of course, our support will be happy to assist with any of these issues, but they do not qualify for a bounty.

Minimum Bounty

We guarantee a minimum bounty of $25 USD for any qualifying submission. Only the first user to submit a bug is guaranteed to receive a bounty - but we may award additional bounties at our discretion.

Reduced Bounty for Non-Reported Error Line

If we detect an obvious pricing error on one of our markets, but we were not alerted via the Bounty Program, then the first customer who bet on the affected market(s) will qualify for a reduced bounty of $5 USD. Any subsequent bettors do not qualify for a bounty. All bets placed on the lines with a pricing error will be cancelled in accordance with Section 12 of our Terms and Conditions.

How to Report

You can report any bug to our support, either using the Live Chat available on our website (see bottom right), or by emailing us directly at support@midnite.com.

Who Can Qualify?

Any Midnite customer with an active account in good standing can qualify for our Bounty Program - the reward will be added to your account balance.

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